About Favorr

Favorr is a real-time marketplace where people can ask for help and offer help to those around them when professional services are not needed or available. Think of Favorr as a way of asking a stranger or a member of your community for a favor, but without actually coming up to various people and asking them for that favor one by one.

Favorr's focus is on regular people and their altruistic desire to help others in situations where help is usually hard to find. Just think of being stuck at a parking lot and needing a dollar to pay a meter. Favorr gives you an opportunity to ask around for that dollar! How cool would it be to get a quick response and then get on with your day?

We believe people are good. We perform various acts of altruism without even becoming aware of them, like, for example, holding doors open, checking on people stuck on a side of a road, or helping with directions. Now imagine to expand your world! Ask for a favor that will reach hundreds of people, and – one day – you can help someone too. Imagine how much joy you can give others by helping them with simple tasks. So do ask for help and help others to improve your community, to make someone's day, or to simply help.

Favorr is very flexible with what you can ask for. Here are some examples of when you can use Favorr:

  • When you need help to move a couch
  • When you have a computer question or trouble
  • When you need a company for lunch
  • When you are trying to get into your favorite club
  • When you want that afternoon ice-cream but it's too hot outside
  • When you need to break $20
  • When you need help walk your dog
  • When you need to get a sandwich delivered to you
  • When you need help loading your car
  • When you have a flat tire and need help changing it
  • When you forgot your wallet and want a cup of coffee

In addition, if you have a unique skill or knowledge you would like to offer as a favor, you can do that too. By offering a favor, you empowering yourself and your community.

Here are few examples of offers you can make to the community:

  • I can help you to resolve your computer problem.
  • I'm going to walk my dog, I can take yours.
  • I'm going to the store, I can pick up something for you.
  • I'm looking for an ATM, is there one around here?
  • I want to buy you coffee. Just because.

We are just starting, so when you first launch the app, you might not see people asking for favors. You can be the first one in your city! We encourage you to continue asking when you need help. As more and more people download the app, the bigger and stronger the Favorr community will grow. So give us a try and make a difference in someone's life!